Automatic vacuum packing machine
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PP270V Automatic Coffee Powder Vacuum Packing Machine

Product application: Coffee powder, yeast powder and all kinds powder material. Bay type: Vacuum & Reseal Brick Bag

  • PP270V
The unit contain two parts. One is the automatic packing unit combinated with material elevator, screw weigthing system and VFFS packing machine. The other one is the vacuum-pumping system. It is special designed for vacuum status and brick shapes, various kinds of powder or granules are available, such as coffee, yeast, tea leaves etc.  According to different material (powder )the bag can be designed to different size and shape(cuboids/Cube). Packed bag keep high quality in sealing, long time in reserving. Advanced in vibration, pressing, reforming, vacuuming, sealing, cutting, smoothing and conveying such chief processing step, take result in getting nice bag shape and appropriate vacuum degree. Adopting Touch‐Screen & PLC control in electric application, intelligentize in running and inspecting.

1.Machine fully controlled by Siemens or Omron PLC & Touch-Screen,
2.Minute capacity can automaticlly display on Touch screen,
3.Film transport system and horizontal Jaw motion both drived by Panasonic,
4.Safe quick change of tube and collar by just pull out the braket,
5.Optoelectronics detect film position on collar to correct film excursion,
6.Electrical photo sensor inducting color code to contol bag length,
7.Unique Pneumatic Film-Reel locking structure to avoid film drawing deflecting,
8.Various types of heating sealable laminated films namely PE/BOPP, CPP/BOPP, CPP/PET, PE/NYLON, aluminum foil based can be run on the machine.
9 The packaging machine also can be used for Polyethylene Film Sealing by changing correspond equipemnt.


Technical paramaters:                          

Packing speed: 8-15 bags/m
Bag type: Vacuum & Reseal Brick Bag
Bag size available: Width 40-270mm, Length 50-340mm.
Film thickness: 0.04-0.12mm(40-120mic)
Vloltage: AC220V/50Hz, 1 phase or customer request
Power consumption:6.8KW
Compressed air requirement: 0.6Mpa, 0.36M3
Occupied area: 15 m2 at least
Total weight: 2000kg