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Metal detector for food packing industry

This unit is used for check if their have steel and iron material in the bag or box.

  • MDP1000
This machine is designed for metal check in packing industry, especially for food packing. We already use this in the factory like: all kinds of textiles, toys, food, food additives, spices, medicines, health products, cosmetics and others, the main material to detect such as: iron, stainless steel etc metal particles. The detected goods could be in bulk, bagged, bottled, boxed, etc.

1, Using the most advanced microcomputer to  processing digital signal, Highly improve the detection effect.
2, Has the memory function, can keep more than 20 products inspection effect.
3, human nature of man - machine dialogue interface, setting convenient and intuitive.
4, the product effect signal has better inhibition effect.
5, all stainless steel, has a good waterproof performance.
6, full compliance with GMP, HACCP certification standards.

Technical parameters:                         
Measured on weight  : 1-30 kg
Channel size: max 400x600mm
Accuracy: Fe > = 1.0 stainless steel > = 1.2 / Fe Ф Ф > = > = Ф Ф 1.2 stainless steel 1.5
The conveyor belt speed: 10-30 m/min
Testing method: manual: conveyor belt to stop automatically: alarm and automatically
Power supply: 220 V + 10% for 220 W
Weight: 200 kg
Note: All parameters may changed according to your product and special sizes can be customized according to customer requirements