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HBP580P Automatic heavy bag 10-50kg Powder Packing Machine

Product application: Powder material in heavy weighting from 10-50KG Bay type: Proformed woven/plastic bag

  • HBP580P
This unit is special design for heavy bag power packing which now widly used in chemical, agriculture, building material, etc. The whole precess are automatic weighting, bag-feeding and sewing, without manual operation. PLC control make it easy handle and maintain. 

Technical paramaters:                             
Packing speed: 3-8 bags/m
Bag type: Paper bag, Woven Bag(lined with PP/PE film), plastic bag.

Bag size available: Width 850-1050mm, Length 500-550mm.
Film thickness: 0.2mm(200mic)
Vloltage: AC380V/50Hz, 1 phase or customer request
Power consumption: 4KW
Compressed air requirement: 0.7Mpa
Occupied area: 20 m2 at least
Total weight: 2500kg