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Full Automatic Ice Cube Packing machine

This Unit is special for packing ice cube/ice block

  • ICP1100
This unit is one of our famous set which are special designed for ice cube packing. We already served many ice machine factory and provide this unit together for their customers. The full unit contain material elevator, liner head weighing system, vffs packing machine and output conveyor. PE film and laminated film are both ok according to your requirement, and the capacity could be 1-10kg.  

Machine working progress:               
1. The ice come will feed in a 800L middle storage hopper, then the ice will be feed to the large dip angle conveyor ,the large dip angle convey equipped with one vibration feeder and a 60L hopper;
2. The large dip angle conveyor will feed ice to the hopper of CJS5000 double heads weighing machine;
3. CJS5000 double heads weighing machine begin to weigh the ice at the target weight and fill ice to packing machine;
4. VFS1100 packaging machine automatically realize functions of bag-making、filling、sealing、printing, counting, cutting, etc.
5. Take-off conveyor will convey out the finished bags

All of the components adopts international famous brand, PLC is SIEMENSE, servo motor is PANASONIC, touch screen is SIEMENSE, cylinder and air valve is Airtac /SMC, temperature controller is OMRON

Technical Parameters:                           

Metering capacity:  Max 10kg/bag

Weighing packing speed: 6-20bags/min (packing weight/ roll film material different, the speed will be different)

Bag type: pillow bag  

Max bag-making size: 850x535(L x W)

Min bag width:270mm
Packing range(width of film):580mm-1100mm

Power source: 380V 50Hz ,3 phase
Compressed air requirement: 0.6 MPa 0.36 M3/min