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Full Automatic Bag In Canton Packing Line

This Unit is special for bag packed into canton.

  • BICP2100
This unit is a full line we special designed for pack bags into cartons automaticly. The whole contain: bag packing unit, transfer system, carton erector, canton sealer and palletiser(optional). With the unit, working efficiency will be highly improved and also safe manpower.   

1. Bag packing Unit
The whole unit contain raw material elevator, weighing machine and vffs packing machine. We have granule, powder and luiquid packing machine, it is according to your detailed requirement to decide which kind you need.

2. Carton erector
Speed 8-12 cantons/min and the case container can load more than 100 pcs(accordign to carton thickness). The carton is picked up from the container by a device with suction cups and erected 
to the carton holder. The erected carton is fed by a mobile mechanical movement, The tape glue is applied on the long flap during feeding. The machine have safety controls: 
 -When blanks are not fed in properly 
 -When drive motors are overload 
 -When safety guards are opened 
 -When air pressure in undersized 
Carton standard: 
               Min           max 
Length        200mm       450mm 
Width         150mm       400mm 
Height        100mm        350mm 

3. Canton Sealer
It automaticlly fold the top panels ,stable and smooth ,beautiful look an save the labour.The lastest patent tape attaching device,no need the fan to blow the tape to make it smooth ,apply the patent pressing device,ensure the tape tightened avoide the ineffective taping.
Speed :15cases/min 
Carton size:200~500*150~500*150~500mm 
Power suppy :220V/380V,50~60HZ 
Power :1.5KW 
Applicable tape width :W48mm,60mm,75mm 
Overall dimention:L1770*W850*H1520 

 4. Case Palletizer 
The  Automatic Palletizer can put different products in a fixed order and stack them on the pallet automatically.