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Full Automatic Bag In Bag Packing Line

This Unit is special for bag packed into bag. well-arranged or not are both ok

  • BIBP1100
This unit is a full line we special designed for customers according to their requirement. The whole contain 3 systems: small bag packing system, transfer system and big bag packing system. With the unit, working efficiency will be highly improved and also safe manpower.   

Machine working progress:               
1. Raw material delivery to weighting machine. 
2. VFFS packing machine pack small bags.
3. Small bags transfer to bigger VFFS packing machine.
4. Counting and packing small bag into big bag.
5. Take-off conveyor will convey out the finished bags

All of the components adopts international famous brand,like SIEMENSE,  PANASONIC,  Airtac /SMC, OMRON, etc.

Technical Parameters:                           

Weighing packing speed: 3-8bags/min (packing weight/ roll film material different, the speed will be different)

Bag type: pillow bag, gusset bag(with hole) 

Max bag-making size: 850x535(L x W)\

Power source: 380V 50Hz ,3 phase
Compressed air requirement: 0.6 MPa 0.36 M3/min

Welcome to contact us to ask for the video of the unit to know it better. Thanks!