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    VFFS is the abbreviation of Vertical form, fill and seal. This kind packing machine can make bag from film and seal it after goods filled, it usually assembled with weighing machine and delivery system to set up an automatic packing unit. You could find it widly used in all kinds industry, such as food, chemical, agriculture, building material and so on. When you walking on the supermaket, almost 50% of bag packed goods are use this kind machine.

     The advantage of the machine is the high efficiency, for example, if you want pack 1kg rice, the speed is about 40-50 bags per mintues. Furthermore, PLC and touch screem system make it easy to operate and maintain. The machine size is decided by the widht of the bag but not packing weight, now the max bag our VFFS packing machine made is 570mm and this is the lead in this industry in China. In addition, we are one of the ealiest factory who produce VFFS packing machine in China, more than 25 years. We not only can provide you standard machine, but also according to your special requirement, design and made suiable machine to you. If you have any needs, do not hesitate to contact us. We sure send you a good business helper.