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Achieve Automatic Packing in Fertilizer Industry

    To a Fertilizer Factory, packing is a very important step in the whole working process. Usually, the package more than 10kg and sometime 50kg. So, it is hard to be done by workers. In this condition, a full automatic packing is necessary. And here we recommed  you our HBP-50.
    This Unit Contain two full set and you can get seperate or both. The first unit we call it bag packing, it can meet the steps of weighing, bag feeding, filling and sewing.
    The second unit we call it stacking, it can meet the step of conveyoring and palletizing. 

    Actually, all kinds of heave bag packing from 10kg to 50kg is available in this machinery. We have rich experience in the industry like rice, fertilizer, chemical powder, etc. If you have interest, welcome to contact and we show you more details and video. We trust you will love it!